Making the transition to Windows 7

Well, it's time again to consider life without Microsoft Windows XP.  Of course we've all been through this once before with the release of Windows Vista, but this time it is for real.  With the warm reception of Windows 7 and it's compatibility mode for older applications, Windows XP is quickly falling out of favor and support.  Nevermind that Microsoft has promised to support XP until sometime in 2013/14, the fact of the matter is that the third-party manufacturers which make hard drives, video cards, printers, etc. are not promising to deliver XP drivers either now, or in the future.  The challenge for most businesses will be upgrading your current business applications to Windows 7 compatible versions, or testing your current application on Windows 7 compatibility mode.  In either case, Networks Unlimited is here to help.

Posted on October 22, 2010 and filed under Uncategorized.