Windows 7 Navigation for Windows 8

The latest version of Windows, Windows 8, is void of a start menu that was popular with previous versions of Windows. Many users that now have Windows 8 miss navigating through their computers the way they did with previous versions of  Windows. Thanks to Classic Start, users are now able to have a start menu as they did before. This app allows Windows 8 users to have the Windows 7, XP or Vista start menus for Windows 8. Computers will still have the squares of Windows 8, but this app brings back the functionality of the earlier Windows' start menus. This free app has become a popular alternative to navigating through Windows 8.

To get this app, just go to

This website provides a list of other helpful apps, but this is where you will find " Classic Start Shell Win8" start menu.

1.Scroll down the page until you find the classic start shell win8 start menu.

The app button looks like this:

2. Click on the icon and scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "get installer" button

3. You will then click on "Run" when prompted:

Soon, you will be enjoying navigating through your computer as you once did with previous versions of Windows.