Why You Must Start an IT Budget

Whether you view computers as business-enablers or  necessary-evils, the fact of the matter is- computers are not going anywhere. If you find yourself intimidated by computers, now is the time to shift your thinking. You don't have to become a computer-whiz to navigate through the business world because there are people to help you with your computer needs. As your business relies on computers more every day, you should start budgeting for the expenses of them and here is why:


1. Computers are here to stay. Our reliance on computing for business has only grown since we first began using them.  Many of our day-to-day business functions rely on computers. Once getting to the office one could bet that logging on to your computer is among the first things you do. Computers are now deeply-rooted in business and they are not going anywhere.




2. Our Reliance on Computers and Technology Continue to Grow. Think about the many jobs that computers and technology have made easier or completely taken over for your business. Many of these jobs have made our lives significantly easier. With that, it is hard to remember the last time a hand written document was received. More business functions are relying on the help of computers.

3. Computers WILL Make Your Job Easier. Sometimes it is easy to forget just how much easier computers and technology have made business and day to day life. Imagine going to work tomorrow and the only things sitting atop your desk is a typewriter, or worse, just a pen and paper. (See, you are thankful for computers!) Imagine accountants using a 10- key and paper ledger to complete their books. The time saved and the ease of work that computers have provided is undeniable

.4. Computers, at some point, will have problems. (But you can also prevent problems through maintenance.) Just as any machine, computers need maintenance. Computers are no different. They are a machine with moving parts, they experience wear-and-tear, and eventually, they are in need of repair and improvement. Just as you maintain your car, you must maintain your computer and hardware.

5. Your competitors are budgeting for IT Because computers are such an instrumental part of the modern workplace, you can bet your competitors are conducting more and more of their business with the help of computers. Their workflow, accuracy, productivity and efficiency are increasing. You don't want to be left behind in the dark ages. The last thing you want for your business' budget is a hard and unexpected hit for technology expenses. Computers are here to stay and they will only continue to be an integral part of your business.  They are well worth the expense in the long run and pay for themselves in more ways than one.