Mobile Phone Virus Experience

KKCO 11 news spoke with Networks Unlimited about how to prevent mobile viruses and how they are becoming a growing target for hackers and malware. Our own Chris Riggs and Lauren Bell spoke about the growing problem. See the news story here. Colorado woman, Rebecca McClelland tells her account with a mobile virus:

"A number with a 876 area code continued to call me and one time I answered.  When I answered the phone the male on the other end had a foreign accent.  I told him to please stop calling my phone and he continued to say I called him.  I hung the phone up and they continued to call and I did not answer.  Throughout the day my phone was acting funny and I was not receiving phone calls or text messages.  Around 3pm my phone was shut off and I could not make any outgoing calls.When I called my provider they said there was a fraud on my account and my service had been shut off.  Needless to say I was not happy, the criminal had cloned my phone and phone number and used all of my minutes and made international calls. My provider is able to reimburse me but they continue to call."