Tens of Thousands of New Malware Programs Created Each Day

Some reports from say that there are 35,000 malware programs created each day, while other studies report 70,000 new malware programs each day. Now, McAfee is reporting 100,000 new  malware programs are created on a daily basis. Though these figures are estimations and vary with results, we can gather that there are  A LOT of malware being created each day. In most cases, malware is created to gather sensitive information. With the information gathered, identities can be stolen, banking info collected, credit card numbers taken, internet history recorded and more. Other malware can be more a nuisance and not cause true harm to your system other than slowing it. Regardless of the intent of the malware, avoiding getting a virus or other malware is crucial.

Antivirus, knowing what to look for,  and  knowing how to strengthen your computer security is key to prevent an infection on your computer. There are still risks of infection even after taking precautions, but antivirus software providers work diligently around the clock to update their databases and systems to best protect your computer. Though infection is still likely with antivirus, using such programs are a proactive measure to preventing catastrophic data loss.

This infographic from Kaspersky outlines the consequences of cyber attacks for both businesses and personal computers:

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There are many effective and affordable options for antivirus software and programs. We will gladly answer any questions regarding programs for you.