A Clean & Maintainted Computer is a Happy (and long-lasting) Computer

No one likes a slow computer and especially one that visits the computer repair shop often. Here are a few avoidable things that can prevent a slow computer and damage to your computer over time.  


Cleaning your computer helps it run better and will prevent you from taking it a computer repair shop as often. 

Overtime, your computer collects dust . If enough dust collects, parts within your computer can burn. The CPU fan can become clogged with dust and either slow the fan or completely stop it from spinning entirely. Without cool air circulating through your system, the processor can get hot and run slow; making simple tasks run slow on your computer. 


Clean your computer out. This will vary depending on the placement of the computer and if animals are present as well. A good rule of thumb to clean out your computer at least once a year. It is smart to vacuum your computer instead of blowing air because the blowing air will only cause stray particles to embed themselves in places within your computer. 

Sunlight & Heat  

Computers create enough heat on their own. Placing them in sunlight or in front of a direct heat source will cause problems for your computer. With the added heat, computers run slow and components can become damaged.  

Remedy :

Move your computer out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources to prevent failure and slow speeds.  


Power Surges and Fluctuations  

Fluctuations in the amount of power entering your computer can affect your computer's performance and potentially damage it as well.  


Use a battery backup and power strip to regulate and correct energy flow into your computer. Computer support technicians recommend never plugging in your computer directly to a wall outlet. Otherwise electricity surges will damage your machine and call for computer repair or replacement.

Keep your computer clean. This will prevent tech support calls, and taking your computer to a computer repair shop as often.