Technology New Year's Resolutions

As you begin to mentally prepare yourself for the commitment you are about to make to your New Years' resolutions, consider penciling in a few resolutions for your technology while you're at it! 

Here are some suggestions from our office to yours:

1. I will not delete an entire year's worth of data.

I will not delete a years worth of data.jpg

Deleting important files just seems far too easy to do. With a click of a button, hours or work and valuable information are gone in an instant. The solution to help you with this resolution: employ backups! Backups can save your information from accidental deletion and save you from a lot of stress and anxiety. 

2. I will not infect our entire network with malware

I will not infect with malware.jpg

There are few sinking feelings like that of knowing that you were the one responsible for infecting your network with malware. Try living that one down in the office! Keep your antivirus up to date and practice safe email and web-surfing practices to keep malware out. 

3. I will budget for IT 

I will budget for technology this year.jpg

Spending money on technology can be difficult; especially with the large upfront cost that most technology comes with. Your computers will need repaired at some point, and some will need replaced. Plan and budget for it now so it is not such a shock to the budget later on in the year. 

4. I will keep my technology up to date 

Stop Postponing.jpg

Running on outdated technology can slow productivity and cause security issues as well. Is your operating system set to update automatically? Doing so can prevent malware and security breaches as security patches are released weekly. Run all the windows/java/adobe/anti-virus updates on my PC at least once per month for 2014.

5. I will not spill liquids on my devices 

I will not spill coffee.jpg


Keep your devices clean and free from moisture to ensure longevity. Coffee always at your desk? That's ok, just make sure you got the extended warranty. 


6. Children know more about my smartphone and tablet than I do



There is really no fix for this one. Just come to terms with the fact; because it is true. 

7. I will keep my data secure.

Foreign nationals.jpg

2014 will be another big year for data breaches. Monitor your accounts often to make sure your identity is not compromised. 


And just because we are all guilty of this....

8. I will backup my old photos

Back up photos.jpg
Posted on December 26, 2013 .