Holiday Shopping is in Full Swing- So are Cybercrimes.

Holiday shopping is in full swing- so are cybercrimes. During this season, many people are looking to make a quick buck- at your expense.  Cyber Monday 2013 had record sales this year with more and more people shopping online. Whether you are browsing on your own computer or shopping (on your break) at work, here are some tips to protect your money and identity this season.

 If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

Avoid huge offer as they could be fake 

Emails and other advertisements that make outrageously good offers are typically false and malicious; which can lead to malware infections. Only make purchases from trusted and well-known sites. 

When entering data, make sure the site is secure

Check the website for a security certificate when purchasing online. 

 'https' is in a website address shows that the web page is secure. This is especially important when adding account information for a purchase and other personal information.



Use a credit card for better online security so you can dispute wrongful purchases 

Use your credit card so wrongful purchases can be disputed

If you use a credit card, charges can be disputed if an item was never received. 


Check your statements regularly

Check your statements regularly 

Monitor your accounts to make sure there are not unauthorized purchases. 

Check for windows system updates for computer security 

Keep your computer up to data. 

Is your computer up to date? This includes systems updates and anti-virus updates. Keeping your systems up to date will prevent security compromises. 

Posted on December 9, 2013 and filed under Virus Protection and Security.