An Alternative Option: Refurbished Computers

Purchasing a refurbished computer is alternative option to buying a brand new computer. Here are 3 common questions when it comes to purchasing a refurbished computer:

What is a refurbished computer?

Generally, a refurbished computer is a computer that has been returned to the manufacturer during its original warranty period for a functional defect. Refurbished computers may also have been returned for a variety of reasons which have nothing to do with functionality, including aesthetics.

What are the advantages of purchasing a refurbished computer?

First and foremost, the primary advantage is price.  Refurbished computers are generally discounted between 10-40%.  Additionally, refurbished computers actually receive more extensive testing than new units before they are offered for sale.  The testing time that a refurbished computer undergoes is twice as long as that of a new computer to ensure quality.

What is the warranty on refurbished computers?

The vast majority of refurbished computers come with a warranty which matches the warranty which comes with a new computer.  It’s always a good idea to verify the warranty that comes with your particular refurbished item. Some refurbished business-class computers even come with a three year warranty.

If you are considering purchasing a refurbished computer, you can contact us to learn more! 

Posted on May 28, 2013 and filed under computer hardware.