Web Content Filtering: More than Just Increasing Productivity.

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If you own or manage a business you may have wondered how much your employees spend on tasks unrelated to work. Along with time and productivity lost, you may consider security implications and liabilities to fall on your company through unrestricted internet usage. Filtering the content that your employees access may provide a solution to these concerns.

Here is how content filtering can help your business:

Increase Productivity

We’d like to think that employees worked for the solid 8 or so hours that they are assigned to work. However, this is rarely the case. With the use of social media sites, online shopping, and games, employees have many ways to become distracted. Content filtering can block or limit the use of these sites. With Web Content Filtering functionality, business owners not only have the ability to create an “Appropriate Internet Use Policy” but more importantly, enforce it.

Better Protection and Security

Denying access to sites can mean an increase in security for your network. Even the most trusted websites can be hosts to viruses or links to other sites which have malware poised to cripple your network.  It is important to note that a content filtering system does not replace the need for anti-virus protection. Content filtering is just an added layer to the protection of your network.

Reduce Internet Bandwidth Usage Issues

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Sites that stream music and video, such as Pandora and YouTube, social media sites, and email can eat up internet bandwidth quickly.  Streaming video or audio can consume bandwidth at a rate up to 400% greater than regular browsing.  Blocking or limiting streaming web content at the office will free-up bandwidth. Without these sites, other sites and programs on your computers will load more quickly.

Content Filtering can be done through the cloud or within your physical network. Request a quote for your business and be on your way to increased productivity, security, and bandwidth!

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Posted on July 12, 2013 and filed under Managed Services.