How to Speed Up Your Computer's Startup

If your computer takes longer than you'd like to startup, here is a simple solution. Some applications and programs are configured to automatically startup once they are installed on your computer. The process of opening all the programs at once could be the culprit to your slow computer startup. The simple solution is to choose what programs you want to open at startup and disable the programs that are not important upon starting your computer. 

First you must find your system configuration:


To speed up your computer startup, you must first find system configuration. 

Once System Configuration is opened, choose the "Startup" Tab  

Find the startup tab to start choosing programs that you do not need. This stops unnecessary computer programs from taking up processing power from start up

Simply un-check programs that are not important when starting up your computer. Always allow your anti-virus program to run during startup. Anything from Microsoft will be important to allow to run upon startup as well. Most of the other programs will not be as important. 


Choose the  computer programs that are not as important 

Then you just have to restart the computer for the changes to go into effect. 

restart for changes.jpg

If this does not speed up your computer, there may be underlying issues, like malware, that may need to be looked at by a professional.  

Posted on July 19, 2013 and filed under Business IT, How To's.