How to: Change How Often Documents are Auto-Saved

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By default, in Microsoft documents are auto-saved every 10 minutes. Because a lot can be typed and a lot of data entered and manipulated during 10 minutes, you may want to auto-save your documents more often than every 10 minutes. Here is how to change your settings so that your documents save more often.


GO to file and choose options 
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It is a good idea to also choose where your auto saved documents are saved. You also have the ability to customize this from the same menu. 

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When you open a Microsoft program, and you are given the option to recover documents, if you choose not to recover them, you will not be able to retrieve them again.  You will not be able to access them from your autosave location either. So if you choose not to save the auto-saved documents, be certain that you do not need them. 

Posted on August 12, 2013 and filed under How To's, Microsoft.