Email Filtering: Stopping Viruses, Upping Productivity.

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At Networks Unlimited, we take a proactive stance when managing your technology investment. We are the guys in the background; preventing chaos and restoring order. Our tools and expertise save our customers money and time by preventing IT catastrophes. One of the ways we can add value to your organization is to filter your email for Spam and Viruses.  Below is some interesting data on our 2013 reports.

Here’s the neat stuff


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1 .FilterIT, our email filtering service, saved customers an average of $182.00 a day through blocking spam emails and emails containing malware. The cost savings is factored from the average cost of down time and cost of malware removal that was prevented through filtering email. Over the year, FilterIT collectively saved our customers $67,132 through preventing downtime due to infections.

 2. In 2013, over 8,000,000 emails passed through our inbound email filters.

3. 660,000 spam emails never touched our customers’ in-boxes. Blocking these emails saves valuable time that would have otherwise been spent sifting through junk mail. 

 4. Our filters found 520 emails that were known to contain horrible viruses, and stopped the delivery of those messages to customers. This averages to preventing one and a half virus infections a day.

 5. 2,341,300 clean emails were successfully delivered in 2013 after passing through our filters. That means that nearly 33% of emails were spam, malicious, or undeliverable. 

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