Microsoft Word Tips You Should Know

Create a bulleted list

To create a bulleted list, type an asterisk and hit the space bar.

Use this shortcut to quickly format your list so it is neat and organized.

Thesaurus Shortcut 

If you need to find a new word, simply highlight the word with your cursor and press shift then F7 to quickly open the thesaurus.  A list of options will for the word will be given.



Remove Text Formatting

If you added formatting to your text, but change your mind about it,  select the text and then simultaneously hit control space. This reverts the text back to its original formatting. Typically, by default, the text will go to Times New Roman size 12pt. 


Select Text Vertically

To select text vertically, press alt, then highlight the text you want to select.


Configure paste options

You can avoid fixing formatting every time text is pasted into your document. Click the 'Office' (or File) button, then navigate to 'Word Options', and move to the 'Advanced' section. Under the 'Cut, copy and paste' heading, use the first four dropdown menus to choose a default setting for format pasting.

cut copy and paste options.JPG