The Worst Current Malware

Malware creation and deployment is a global, multi-billion dollar industry. Your computer can either be compromised by criminals to obtain your own financial information, or your computer can be used to  aid criminals in illegally gathering information or resources to make themselves money. Either way, it has major negative and economic impacts for both individuals, and businesses. Here is a current look at the most destructive malware in terms of data loss and financial losses.  

Cryptolocker- Rasmonware

What it does: Cryplocker completely locks computers and encrypts data. Currently, the rasomware demands $300  to receive a code to retrieve encrypted files.

Why it is bad: Unless there is a backup system in place, files are not retrievable. Users will either have to pay $300 to the program (and risk not actually getting files back,) or all files that are not backed up are lost.

How do you get it? Cryptolocker is most commonly spread through email attachments.


Alureon- Trojan

What it does: Alureon steals data by searching networks for usernames, passwords and credit card data. It does this by blocking access to Windows Updates and attempts to disable some anti-virus programs so it can continue to collect data and go undetected.

Why it is bad: Sensitive information is collected and used by criminals.

How do you get it? Users have to download the software. Alureon is commonly bundled and hidden in rogue security software.

 Zeus or Zbot– Trojan

What it does:  Zeus steals log in credentials for anything from online banking , to social media.

Why it is bad: Criminals use this information to steal from infected users.  

How do you get it? Zeus is acquired through email attachments and malicious Web links.

Zero Access or max++ or Sirefef- Trojan

What it does: ZeroAccess runs in the background of a computer. Infected computers become a part of a ‘botnet’ to commit click-fraud and bitcom mining. A botnet is a network of computers that  

Why it is bad: Though Zero Access does not directly affect individual users’ computers, the malware on the infected systems does generate millions for cybercriminals.

How do you get it? Zero Access comes from infected websites. If users have an out of date version of Flash or Java for instance, hackers find holes in security to exploit the outdated programs top infect machines. 


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Posted on May 7, 2014 .