Online Computer Support: Your Questions Answered


Online computer support is a convenient alternative to bringing a computer into a repair shop. So what benefits are there to working with a technician over the internet? How secure is online computer support? Are there limitations to online computer repair?

Customer support has come a long way over the past century. Imagine a time when automobiles were rare, and a time where there certainly was no internet. If you had a problem with a product, you’d trek across town to the store you purchased the product from. You may, or may not, have the problem resolved. Today, via the internet, you can connect with a support representative on a multitude of platforms including social media, email, instant messaging and remote connections for support and repair of computers. A wide variety of computer problems can be solved by way of a computer tech remotely logging into your computer and making repairs; making for fast and affordable fixes.

What repairs can be done through online computer support?

If the computer turns on, and is able to access the internet, then most problems can be solved remotely. If the computer does not turn on, then Help Desk technicians have no way of accessing the computer to fix it. Because the remote connection used for repairs is done over the internet, if there is no internet access, then repairs cannot be done.  Most other computer related problems can be solved over remotely including, but not limited to: Email problems, software issues, network issues, file restores, malware removal, compatibility problems, smartphone trouble, Internet connectivity, PC set up, software installation, printer set up, email set up and basic troubleshooting.


What are the benefits of Online Computer Repair?

Having your machine remotely repaired means you can save money, and save time. Generally, it is more expensive to bring a computer into a repair shop or to hire a technician to come to you- though, these are options offered at Networks Unlimited as well. Many problems can be solved in average of 15 minutes and are billed as such. Remote repairs save you drive time and shop time

 How secure is online computer repair?

Online connections made for remote support are very secure. Users have to log into a special portal to even allow access to technicians.  As soon as the user ends the session, access to the computer is immediately terminated plus, techs see only what users see on their computer screens. Here is information about fake tech support-and how to avoid them. In addition, there is a security code that both parties must use in order for the remote connection to occur; without it anyone is not able to access the connection. 

When should I take my computer into the computer repair shop?

As said above, if your computer does not turn on or have an internet connection, it will have to be taken into a repair shop. In addition, some malware can be more difficult to remove than others. In the event that your computer has a complex malware infection, bring your computer in a repair shop. This expedites the process and better ensures the removal is successful.


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