9 Questions to Ask Before Moving Processes to The Cloud

Moving processes to the cloud can be very beneficial for small business. However, ask yourself these important questions before moving any process to the cloud.  Flip through our the presentation below that was featured on the homepage of Slideshare! 

Are you thinking about moving processes to the cloud? Though the cloud can be very beneficial for a multitude of reasons, be sure to ask your self these questions before transitioning to the cloud.

1. Bandwidth

Do you have enough bandwidth for this solution?

Cloud computing relies on the internet. If you do not have enough bandwidth currently, are you able to get more? 

2. Integration

Does this solution integrate with my other applications? 

What other software and applications do you use to conduct business and does the solution work with your current software and applications? 

3. Cost

Is this solution cost-effective?

Moving processes to the cloud can save money. However, is it expensive to implement? If it is more expensive, are there ways that the extra cost is our-weighed?

4. Compliance

Does this solution comply with security regulations and standards?

There are many regulations in place for the storing and transferring of data; especially for the health and financial industries. Is the particular cloud solution you are looking into compliant with regulations like HIPAA and Sarbanes–Oxley?

5. Procedures

How will this solution change my company's processes and procedures? 

Will the roles of your staff change? Will there be more or less responsibility for your employees with this new solution? 

6. Internet 

What happens if the internet goes down? 

Because cloud programs rely on the internet, your company's productivity may suffer if there is an internet outage. Are you in an area where internet outages are common? Can your business still function without the internet? Do you have a plan to conduct business in the event of an outage?

7. Backups 

Does this solution backup your data?

If backups are included, is there a limit to the amount of data that the provider will store? Find out what your limitations are and if you need to conduct backups yourself. 

8. Support

Is support readily available should you have problems with the cloud solution?

Find out when the provider's support team is available (and if support even exists.) How prompt are they at responding? Because your business relies on the functionality of this cloud solution 

9. Research

Have you researched the service provider?

Are they reputable? Do your research online and even ask for recommendations. A reputable company will eagerly provide you with recommendations of success stories. 

Download the 9 Question checklist here!