I have anti-virus but my computer still got a virus!

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“I got a computer virus, but I have anti-virus. How did this happen if I have anti-virus?” This question is asked often. While we understand it is frustrating to have this happen, especially if you have opted to pay for anti-virus (as opposed to using free downloads) here is how this happens and how to help you prevent it.


How do I get computer viruses when I have anti-virus?

What it really comes down to is anti-virus vendors and software companies need time to create defenses against new malware.   They are able to anticipate threats to an extent, but when new threats are created, they are defenseless until protection is created. Anti-virus vendors create ‘definitions’ and software companies create ‘patches.’ Before defining new malware and patching security holes, systems are vulnerable.


Ignoring warning signs and red flags 

Anti-virus does not protect computers when a download is prompted by the user or a malicious link is clicked. This scenario is especially common with malicious emails. There are normally always signs that an email is malicious. Here are questions to ask before engaging with a potentially harmful email:


Did I ever provide my email address to this organization?

Have I had any prior contact with this organization? 

Does the sender's actual email address look suspicious? 

Do the web addresses in the links look suspicious? (Check this by hovering over a link.)

Is there strange formatting and/or syntax errors?


Outdated Software

Software has limited life-cycles. Once the cycle ends, the software’s creator no longer updates security patches for that particular software. Windows XP is a recent and relevant example of this. Support for XP was ended by Microsoft in April 2014. Because of this, there are now many vulnerabilities in XP; vulnerabilities that anti-virus is not capable of protecting against. 

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Posted on August 22, 2014 .