Prevent A Future "Oops" With Outlook's Email Rules Feature

Do you occasionally miss important emails? Send emails and regret it a few minutes later whether it is due to a typo or snark response? Forget to follow-up? Outlook 2010’s 'email rule' feature may be the answer you are looking for but didn't know existed. Rules allow you to set custom actions depending on parameters you set for incoming and outgoing emails.  This is not a widely known feature but it can be a powerful communication tool.

To begin, go to “file” and choose the “rules and alerts” button 


With the menu, there are two different tabs: one for email rules and one for alerts.  Choose ‘email rules’ and click ‘new.’ 

This wizard gives you the option to create rules to keep you organized, stay updated and also has a blank rule option.  Within step 1, choose the type of rule you want to set up the click ‘next’.  You will then have the ability to customize your rule further. 


To apply rules, use the check boxes. In step 2, click on the blue underlined text to add the details to the rule. 

With this feature, you can become more productive and professional. 

Need help creating rules? Contact our help desk! 

Posted on September 5, 2014 .