How to Speed Up Google Chrome

Google Chrome is consistently ranked as one of the top browsers, for good reason. However, that doesn't mean that it can start to slow after time. Programs and data collected after visiting websites can bog-down any web browser. To speed Chrome, these things can be easily eliminated. 

Disable Plug-Ins 

Plug-ins are programs that help Chrome function better, such as Adobe Flash. However, many plug-ins are not necessary to your day to day internet browsing. To disable plug-ins, type 'chrome://plugins'

Because many websites use Flash to display graphics, do not disable it. Aside from Flash, you can disable many plug-ins and still have over-all functionality of Chrome.

Disable Extensions 

Extensions are very similar to plug-ins. The difference is, plug-ins are third-party software, and extensions are more browser-specific.  To disable extensions, type 'chrome://extensions' in to your search bar.

Side note: When going to delete extensions, sometime you find really cool extensions to add. This one, Ghostery, shows all the software that is tracking you on a particular web page, then gives you the option to disable it. Though it is not necessary, it interesting to see all of the companies that track you.

Clear youR Cache 

Cache is the collection of data from places you visit on the internet. Though it is designed to speed things up, too much data will start to bog-down your browsing. To clear your cache, navigate to tools, and choose 'clear browsing history' 

After clearing your cache, when you type in the search bar, suggestions will not appear until you visit them at least once. 

clear browsing history

Posted on January 15, 2015 and filed under Internet.