IT Solutions for Non-Profits


For those of you in the non-profit world, you know that ever dollar matters. It means you run lean for marketing and staff and even leaner for technology. Everyone pitches in and helps out where their skill set allows. This usually leaves most organizations without proper IT items: no dedicated IT staff, no fancy new computers and no time to keep current systems going.

Managed IT can be the best solution for a non-profit who has to work on a tight budget and maintain more stringent regulatory protocol to accept donations and keep donor information private. Managed IT also allows non-profits to plan out their budgets monthly instead of having to save up, or pay for unexpected expenditures. By working with Networks Unlimited, we can:

  • Protect your network and servers
  • Manage your IT security
  • Proactively keep your systems updated and protected
  • Plan, install, and manage hardware, software, and infrastructure
  • Update your business to cloud-based email and file management
  • Provide the best business phone solution

Whatever IT services that your non-profit uses, we have a solution for you! Let Networks Unlimited discuss your options and give you a free quote so you and your staff can get back to improving our community! Contact Rob Benjamin to discuss your options: (970) 243-3311 /