How well protected is your company’s data?

How well protected is your company’s data?  What technologies do you have in place to protect your network and users?  Do you have a formal technology use policy and a real way to enforce and monitor it?  These are important questions at a time when you cannot completely protect your computers short of disconnecting them from the internet and not installing any applications.  Networks Unlimited is the largest and best trained Technology Services Provider on the Western Slope.  We specialize in assisting small and medium sized businesses in both selecting the right technologies and deploying technology in an secure manner.  The risk of data loss/theft is real and constant, and the time is now to deploy your defense.

How “real” is this threat?  The latest attacks are indiscriminate, large businesses and small.  Read about one of the larger and more noteworthy . . .

Posted on February 24, 2016 .