Let Networks Unlimited Worry About Your Data

"The Man Behind the Curtain"

"The Man Behind the Curtain"

Networks Unlimited understands the importance of your data and your time. We have in-house dedicated staff that focuses on keeping you and your business up-and-running! Beau Lambert is one of those individuals. As a Managed Service Administrator, his job is to monitor your system. Just think of him as the Wizard of Oz…but we will let you look behind the curtain.  

Beau comes to work every day to ensure your backups have completed correctly each night and your data is secure.  He helps you restore those files if you ever need them, and he monitors all of your equipment remotely to ensure preventative maintenance is conducted frequently. These are all those anti-virus updates that we all hate taking the time to download and install, but are necessary to stay ahead of the game.

Beau is also clairvoyant! Just kidding, but he CAN tell when a part of your server is starting to fail, then proactively get a Technician dispatched to fix it before you even notice anything went wrong; and isn’t having one less thing to worry about a nice feeling?

Managed IT and Automatic Offsite Backups could be a game changer for you; to learn more about all the features, contact Robert Burkey: rburkey@networksunlimimted.com or 970-243-3311.