Hate Doing Software Updates? Your Computer Could Be Vulnerable.

vulnerability image

Most of us are aware of the basic ways our computers become vulnerable to hackers; visiting infected websites, having easy to guess passwords, opening attachments/links sent via email, but one of the most forgotten or unknown weak points of a computer is not updating your software.

Software updates are something we rarely think about, but they are so important to the health and security of our computer. When software manufacturers come out with updates, it is partly due to them finding weak points that hackers can use to infiltrate your computer. An exposure can lead to hackers accessing all of the information on your computer and network undetected.

Vulnerability is defined as a combination of these three components:

  1. A system susceptibility or flaw
  2. A hacker’s access to the flaw
  3. A hacker’s ability to exploit the flaw

To exploit these vulnerabilities in software, the hacker uses a piece of code to bypass the system’s antivirus/security systems that are in place. Once the systems are bypassed the hacker has full access to all of the information on your computer. Some of the major software they target include Adobe, Flash and QuickTime. Basically, they focus their energy on any software located on the majority of computers to get a bigger bang for their buck.

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