Employee Appreciation Day: March 3rd


Employee Appreciation Day is fast approaching (hint hint, it’s Friday!), and while a quick thank you to the whole company is much appreciated, here are a couple ideas to go above and beyond:

1.       Food

Buying some office snacks, springing for breakfast or catering a lunch are all great ways for you to show some extra love to your employees, plus people need to eat, and appreciate it more when it’s free!

2.       Relaxation

Helping the office vibe by offering some relaxation techniques for an hour one day could benefit everyone’s mental health. Hire a massage therapist, yoga instructor or meditation coach to come in and give a class or offer their services to your staff.

3.       Gifts

Who doesn’t love getting something, even as small as a coffee gift card. For $5 an employee, they can feel the extra appreciation, and get an extra jolt of energy during that afternoon lull.

4.       Intrigue

Getting out of office chairs is an underutilized daily activity, and what better way to get people moving than to organize a company-wide scavenger hunt. Hide some things around your office or campus and email clues out. It also doubles as gifts, depending on what you hide or what the reward for figuring out the clue.

5.       Happy Hour

Letting everyone kick back and relax while they finish their work day week, can be a bonus to employees. Figure out if this is right for your company, but socializing with coworkers over some drinks can bring about some great ideas and more communication.

6.       New Technology (our FAVORITE IDEA!)

If you know employees are frustrated with old, outdated technology, make them feel more productive and listened to by investing in some new technology.