Data Backup & Recovery

Keep Your Data Safe!

Our data backup and archiving services meet or exceed all federal regulations and provide our customers with a cost-effective multi-layer approach to securing their business data.  Our processes for this service includes daily reporting, daily troubleshooting, and any remediation steps required to keep your data safe — all included as part of our professional data backup service.

Automated backup plans start for as little as $0.66 a day!

Our Data Backup Plans Feature:

  • Secure Encryption – PCI, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley . . .
  • Offsite Location – Your data enjoys the protection level of being co-located in two Level 4 data centers — one in Boston, and one in Los Angeles. 
  • Managed in Multiple Layers – Both onsite and offsite layers offer flexibility, affordability, and fast restores.

Download a PDF about our Automatic Backups Here.