cracked login screen

Fun (and harmless) Broken Screen Wallpapers for April Fool’s Day

This is a simple, office-appropriate, and nearly harmless prank that you can play on your co-workers for April Fool’s Day. It takes just a minute to set up and a minute to change screens back to normal.

Put any one of  these cracked screen images as a screen saver or desktop background to give your co-workers a slight panic. This computer prank is easily fixed- just upload a new image once you’ve pranked them.

They’ll quickly realize that it is just a prank if you set it as a screensaver. Once they move the mouse or click a button, their normal screen will appear.

If you set any of these as a desktop background, their icons will appear on top of the image; this will quickly tell them it is a prank as well.

Changing a desktop image or screen saver is simple!

Here is how to change screen savers on a Window’s Computer.

Upload your image of choice and enjoy their reaction when they return to their desk.









If you are a little more daring, you can incorporate the Blue Screen of Death into your prank.


Happy Pranking! Now get back to work!

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