office 365 vs office 2013

Office 365 vs. Office 2013


Office 2013

Office 2013 is the software package that includes Power Point, Word, Excel, Publisher, and more, that is bought out-right. The business-class license version allows Office 2013 to be installed on up to 5 computers.

Office 365

Office 365 is the subscription based option.  This version is aimed at business and companies have an option to sign up for a number of different plans. Users can opt for monthly or yearly per-user subscriptions. The Office products can be installed on computers and accessed applications can be accessed via the web.

What Route should you go as a business?

Microsoft has designed Office 356 for business and offers more features than Office 2013. If you are a small business, Office 365 will benefit business because:

Updates:  Subscription based software is updated as the latest versions are available. Up until now, each time a new version of Office was released, users had to purchase and install the software when they wanted the latest software. Office 365 and other cloud based software eliminate this.

Security: Security updates are an important part of operating Microsoft software. With 365, you’ll always have the latest security patches.  

Reduced licensing costs: Office 365 costs, on average, $12 per month, per user. Depending on the size of an organization, the subscription option can save money. Especially considering the added features of Office 365.

Consistency: With Office 365, everyone in your office will be working from the same version of Office.

More Mobility: Office 365 has a feature that allows users to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher on other computers that do not have any office products installed. The feature, called Office on Demand, quickly downloads a virtualized version of select Office apps. Once you are complete with your work, the apps no longer work and the downloads do not count against your number of installs.

If you have questions about what version is best for your business, or would like to learn more about Office 365, contact us.

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