favorite keyboard shortcuts

Our Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts

“What is your favorite keyboard shortcut besides Control, Alt,  Delete?”

Computer keyboard shortcuts  help you navigate to places in your computer more quickly than clicking through numerous options and menus.

Here is what our computer IT support technicians and engineers answered to the question:

Remote computer help desk tech, Chris. likes windows e to quickly pull up the start menu  Who: Chris- Help Desk Technician

Favorite Shortcut: Windows Key + E

What it does: This brings up ‘My Computer’


Remote computer help tech, Dan likes this this shortcut to quickly select copy and paste text on his computerWho: Dan- IT Technician

Favorite Shortcut:

Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V

What it does: You can select a large amount of text, copy and paste it easily.


ctrl-pWho: Darrell- Dispatch

 Favorite Shortcut: Ctrl + p 

What it does:  Prints what is displaying on the screen

ctrl-zWho: Derek- Help Desk Technician

Favorite Shortcut: Ctrl + Z

What it does: Undoes the previous action


Network engineer, Drew likes to easily access the internet search bar on his computer with this short cut  Who: Drew- Network Engineer

Favorite Shortcut: Ctrl + L

What it does: Access your browser’s address and search bar when in your internet browser


Windows key plus the name of the computer program opens the program. This help computer support techs open programs much faster than going through the menu and searching for the program.Who: Gibran- Network Engineer

Favorite Shortcut: Windows Key + Name of program

What it does: Easily  Opens Programs


The start menu opens in Windows 8 when you use the windows key Who: Greg- IT Technician

Favorite Shortcut: Windows Key

What it does: In Windows 8, it brings users back to the Start Screen, and if the Desktop
is open, the Windows button switches back and forth. 


ctrl-escWho: Joe- Network Engineer 

Favorite Shortcut: Ctrl + Esc

What it does: This opens the windows start menu on the computer as well. Joe uses this when he is remotely working on a computer, and cannot use a mouse for some reason. This allows the user to open the start menu and navigate through the computer without a mouse.


Computer help desk tech, Chris and network engineer, Kevin, both like this shortcut because it opens the windows start menu on your computer easily. Who: Kevin- Network Engineer 

Favorite Shortcut: Window Key + e  ( Same favorite shortcut as Chris)

What it does: Opens up ‘My Computer’ so user can easily access files


Ctrl C copies whatever content you placed on the computer clipboard  Who: Preston- Vice President and Service Manager 

Favorite Shortcut: Ctrl + c

What it does: This copies whatever you have on your clipboard


Computer support tech, Sean, likes ctrl c plus ctrl v to quickly copy and paste text Who: Sean- Help Desk Technician 

Favorite Shortcut: Ctrl + c, Ctrl + v

What it does: Ctrl C is copy and Ctrl V is paste. This is much fast than right clicking and choosing copy and paste from the menu.


Our Managed services admin like windows L so when he walks away from the computer, the screen is locked and nothing can happen to what he is working on Who: Tony: Managed Service Administrator

Favorite Shortcut: Windows Key + L

What it does: Locks your workstation


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