Dr. Gary Andreoletti

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Dr. Andreoletti grew up in a small Vermont town, in a time where going to see a dentist regularly was not the norm. However, his father took him and his family to see the dentist routinely. This was a time when the doctor says that, “It was tough to be a patient,” meaning that there were limited options for pain relief in dentistry, and methods were very rudimentary. Still, his father spoke highly of his dentist at the time and Dr. Andreoletti believes this is where his interest in dentistry stemmed from.  He laughed and told us, “Because who wants to become a dentist?”   

After college, Dr. Andreoletti’s dental career started in Navy where he worked as a dental assistant. After his time in the Navy, he then worked for the Air Force. It was in 1979 that Dr. Andreoletti started his own practice in Grand Junction after close friends suggested he move to Colorado.

While Dr. Andreoletti is first and foremost a general dentist, he has a great passion for cosmetic dentistry as well. His patients love that they can trust the same dentist for the majority of their dental needs, and Dr. Andreoletti loves doing the cosmetic procedures because this is where he has had some of his greatest success stories. He works to help change people’s lives through changing people’s smiles. As he explains, “People have an inner picture of themselves. Sometimes, that inner picture does not match with the outer picture. Dr. Andreoletti works to correct their smiles so the inner and outer images align; truly changing lives and helping them feel better about themselves. He has had patients drive all the way to California to show their family their new smile, and patients have told him, “I’ve never smiled like this in my life.” These moments are the reason that Dr. Andreoletti continues to go to work every day. He enjoys people, interacting with them, and helping them.

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For the past six years, Dr. Andreoletti has been recognized by TopDentists in the Denver magazine, 5280. The list works on a peer-nominated system where dentists are rated on experience, continuing education, manner with patients, use of new techniques and technologies, and physical results. This is an accomplishment that only 500 dentists are awarded each year in Colorado.

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Dr. Andreoletti is passionate about his work and after 35 years with his own practice, he’s not stopping any time soon. He jokes that he wants to, “work himself out of a job.” He wants to create lasting solutions for his patients’ smiles and keep them healthy. “We truly want to see our patients only at their 6 month cleanings. That’s our goal.”

Dr. Andreoletti relies on Networks Unlimited for a variety of technical needs. When asked, he really was not entirely sure all that our company does for him. We see that as a success. Dr. Andreoletti and his staff rely on Networks Unlimited as trusted advisors, and put full faith into our company to provide honest and reliable IT solutions while they are busy keeping people healthy and happy. With a staff of 5, when he calls for support, he says that he never feels like his problem is not important, even with a smaller office. He also appreciates our extensive knowledge with their specific dental software, Dentrix, and our engineer’s ability to provide support with it when needed. It has been our pleasure to offer technical support to Dr. Andreoletti’s office so they can focus on life changing dentistry.

Posted on December 17, 2013 .