Ruby Canyon Dental

Oral Health Partners Dental Office

Dr. Glen Dean began his dental practice in Grand Junction in 1979 and focused on pediatric dental care. In 2008, a brand new 9,000 square foot building was constructed. Today, Dr. Glen Dean, his son Dr. Derek Dean, nephew Dr. Grant Butler and Dr. Paul Dodsworth all make up the team of General Dentists at Ruby Canyon Dental. Together the team offers offer many dental and orthodontic services including pediatric care, dental implants, crowns, traditional orthodontics,  Six Month Smiles Braces, root canals, porcelain veneers and sedation dentistry . Altogether, Oral Health Partners has over 6,000 patients and many of those are multi-generational. “There are people that we have seen since they were children and we are now seeing their children,” explains Mary, the operations manager at Oral Health Partners. 

Oral Health Partners likes to offer conveniences and added comfort where ever possible to their patients. One of these conveniences is offering sedation to patients. All of the doctors at Oral Health Partners have the ability to conduct some form of sedation from moderate conscience sedation to IV sedation. Going right along with conveniences, the practice has a Cerec machine that allows the doctors to create dental crowns in the same initial appointment; saving patients from taking time to go to a second appointment. Another convenient comfort for patients is the option to watch television while in the dental chair. Their digital x-ray technology allows not only traditional 2D x-rays to be taken, but is also capable of taking 3D x-rays which have proven invaluable in detecting dental abnormalities in some patients.

Their commitment to convenience and comfort extends all the way across the globe to places like Guatemala and Ecuador. Beginning in 2006, Dr. Glen Dean began visiting Guatemala to provide no-cost dental care to orphanages and hospitals with a portable clinic. He, several members of the staff, and dental professionals outside of Oral Health Partners now make two separate week-long trips to Guatemala each year. After years with a portable clinic, Dr. Dean established a permanent two- chair clinic at Hospital in Santiago De Atitlan. While there, the team of dentists, hygienists, and support staff repair damaged teeth and works to educate the people on preventing tooth decay. For many of their Guatemalan patients, professional dental work or cleanings have never been performed. To learn more about what Oral Health Partner does in Guatemala, visit, the nonprofit they have partnered with.

With two servers, twenty five PC’s, numerous laptops, digital x-ray machines and a second, separate location, Oral Health Partners’ technology needs are great. Networks Unlimited provides networking, managed services and support to Oral Health Partners to keep them efficient and continue to provide convenient and comfortable care to their over 6,000 patients. 

Posted on March 18, 2014 .