Autopaychecks: Payroll Specialists


During 2014, over 40 updates to Federal Employment laws were put into effect. Does your business understand, implement, and act in compliance of those laws?  Autopaychecks does.

Angela Hildebrand CPA began Autopaychecks in 2003 after seeing a need for professional payroll services in the Grand Valley. Early on in her career as a CPA Angela saw that there were no high-end payroll services available to small business in the area. So she took great risk, as many small business owners do, and launched Autopaychecks. 13 years later, the company is thriving, has 8 full-time employees, and shows no signs of slowing down. Banks, insurance companies, law offices, oil and gas companies in 36 states have their payroll services done by Autopaychecks. Year after year, these companies rely on Autopaychecks, and the company’s high client retention rate reflects that.

John Hildebrand, President of Business Development, says the need for a reliable payroll service comes down to redundancy. He says, “The weakness of small businesses is they don’t have a lot of backup.” For instance, many small businesses have one person that ‘holds the keys’ to most of the financial information and processes. If that person were suddenly gone, (due to death, firing, injury, etc.) that small business would be in a bind. With outsourced payroll, this is no longer a concern.

“When customers call, we don’t have to forward calls to another division to get an answer, maybe it is forwarded within the office. It is all right here,” explains John. Large companies that offer similar services lose the personal connection that small business offers. “They answer the phone with, ‘what’s your account number,’ and their clerks that answer the phone are simply order-takers.” On the contrary, John says Autopaycheck’s team members are all payroll specialists; each undergoing 30 to 40 hours of training a year. Their professionalism in the payroll industry was reaffirmed when President, Angela Hildebrand, was invited to a week-long conference in Washington, DC to help advise law makers on payroll regulations.  She was one of only forty payroll specialists that attended the conference.

Autopaychecks believes in supporting their team members along with supporting the community. Their purpose statement sums it up well, “To created powerful relationships that breed excellence, empowering us to bless all people that we encounter.”  As testaments, the company supports several nonprofits and even has a coach that visits the business once a month to help employees grow personally and professionally.

Autopaychecks ultimately choose Networks Unlimited because of the access to a team of IT pros. “We used to use a ‘one man’ service. Tragically, he passed over a weekend,” explains John.  They immediately switched to Networks Unlimited after the tragedy. Much like Autopaychecks, Networks Unlimited has a variety of talented people on the team that specialize in different areas. When a customer has a question, a staff member is ready to provide a knowledge answer backed by experience.  John adds, “We know when they pick up the phone, we are going to get great service.” 


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Posted on January 28, 2015 .