Phishing: It Can Hook You and Your Employees

phishingYou’ve heard us talk about ransomware and other malware that can get into your system, but we don’t go into details on HOW it gets there. Usually, it is caused by Phishing. In fact, according to Sophos, 91% of cyber attacks begin with a spear phishing email.

So, what exactly is it? Well, a phishing email lands in your inbox and lures you into clicking bad links, attachments, or websites. These emails can look like emails from your bank, package delivery alerts, invoices from vendors you do business with, or IRS notifications. They look genuine and usually have some form of urgency in the message to make you take action immediately.

In 2016, the dark web started providing free kits and phishing-as-a-service kits, making it straightforward and easy for hackers to get started. Their end game is to extort money from you based on the data and information that they steal (ransomware).

So, how do you combat these attacks? Knowledge. Make you and your staff more knowledgeable about what is coming to their inbox, and if they should be opening those emails and attachments. If they aren’t expecting an email from Company X, it could be malicious.

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