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Spring Cleaning for Your Computer

I’m not sure if anyone still goes through the “spring cleaning” process at homes, but we’ve got some tips for office spring cleaning to maintain your technology to keep it at top speeds and ensure it is the most reliable.

  1. Defrag

Make sure all those little Tetris blocks are in the correct spot so your computer can find things faster and run more smoothly. Find the steps to defrag your computer here.

  1. Firewall Love

Make sure it is turned on. Why? It’s a barrier between your computer network and the Internet that hackers are trying to steal. If you need some help on how to turn it on, click here.

  1. Run Antispy and Adware Programs

Spyware and adware can seriously slow your computer down, not to mention the fact that spyware is stealing your information and transmitting it to hackers and adware downloads crummy advertising material to the equipment.

  1. Antivirus Software

Keep it active and updated! This program is designed to prevent, detect, and remove viruses and other dangerous software that can get onto your computer. Windows computers usually come with Windows Defender, if you don’t utilize the internet much or want a ton of features, however, if you’re online a lot and need more features you’ll want to beef up your protection by purchasing an antivirus.

  1. Trash It

Go through your documents, videos, photos, and programs that you don’t need and delete them. While you’re at it, delete your trash file too. Lightening the load on your hard drive will help speed up your programs to make sure that you’re running at top speed!

  1. Update It

Stop putting off all those annoying updates that are looming at the bottom of your computer. Update them all and get the newest, latest, greatest version of the programs you use, not to mention, all the patches, updates, and fixes that the programs will be setting during those updates.

If you don’t want to do your spring cleaning yourself, you can always bring it into either one of our offices (Grand Junction or Montrose), and we can take care of it for you. Call for costs (970) 243-3311. Happy spring cleaning!!

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