How to Use Answer-IT to Improve Your Business Technology

Our Answer-IT service is our version of tech support and can be an immense benefit for your company! We have a staff of local, friendly techs who can help your employees through technical problems, software shortcuts, password resets and more. If they are unable to complete the problem remotely, our dispatcher will escalate the call and send an engineer to your office building quickly, making sure that you have as little downtime as possible. Here are the three main benefits of Answer-IT. Pricing We can price this service two ways. The …

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How to Use Networks Unlimited to get Amazing Antivirus Protection

We’ve all heard that having antivirus software installed on your computer is VERY important, but why? What does an antivirus do? Even though we hear all the time that we should have an antivirus installed on our computer, there are still 26% of computers in the world without one. Maybe those people have let their subscription lapse or were too overwhelmed to pick one. Maybe they just thought that it was a bunch of hooey and they don’t need an antivirus on THEIR computer. Those users are playing a risky …

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Outsource Your I.T. – What are the Benefits?

Why in the world would you need to outsource your I.T.? Outsourcing doesn’t always mean what you think it does. Here are a few scenarios we see all the time, where having an outsourced I.T. team can give your business the edge. Scenario 1: You’ve got a tech-minded person in the office who is doing a great job fixing things when they break, right? They might not have been hired for that position, but things are going fine. Why change something that isn’t broken? That person who happened to know …

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Why Update Your Computer or Office Equipment?

We’ve all been there; seeing that little pop up that something or other has an update for installation and ignoring it. We are all guilty of neglecting it for a while too. It just seems like SUCH an inconvenience, but it has a perfect reason to be pesky. Those updates are fixes to the software or hardware installed on your computer. Those repairs keep hackers from easily entering your system and wreaking havoc! Here are a couple more reasons to convince you just to click the update button already! Reduced …

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Signs You Might Have an Infected Computer

Have you been wondering if it is time to get your computer in for once-over? Do you think you have an infected computer? If you are experiencing any of the below issues, you might want to consider getting that bad boy a checkup. Software crashes or malfunctions Hardware glitches Loud fans Boot failures Performance issues Slowdowns Pop-ups Running out of hard drive space New browser homepage, toolbars, unwanted website access Unusual messages Programs that start automatically Antivirus suddenly disabled Your friends/family/coworkers are getting strange emails from you Peculiar desktop icons …

Trend Micro Scam

Trend Micro Imposters!

Last week we received a call from one of our customers. They said someone claiming to be from Trend Micro contacted and stated Trend Micro was out of date.  The caller named Akeem gave our customer the phone number 817-386-4921. Some of our clients do have Trend Micro installed on their computer as their antivirus, and this was one of the customers. However, the software on their computer was already current and up-to-date. First of all, Trend Micro (or any of our vendors) would never call our customers directly. If …


Ways Your Employees Compromise Data Security

Last week’s blog included tips on how to be proactive in your network security. One of those ways was to train your personnel. This week we will discuss why it is so important to have a trained staff. Here are five ways employees can compromise your data security. Inside Job Thinking this is an inside job is the worst one to bring up, but we will just go ahead and get it right out of the way. Yes, sometimes your employees can be so mad about something that they will …

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Do Extreme Temperatures Affect My Computer?

Extreme weather CAN affect your computer. Living on the Western Slope of Colorado, we are used to swings in weather and climate. When the temperatures outside are extremely hot, it can shorten the lifespan of hardware inside your computer. This can lead to damage that cannot be undone, and also might lead to data loss. Extreme heat will also significantly shorten the lifespan of your computer’s lifespan by chipping away at the motherboard, CPU, and other vital “organs” of your computer

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Help Desk: Real People to Talk to When You’re Experiencing Problems

Picture this. Your computer is on the fritz again and you can’t get any work done. You know this isn’t a problem you can solve, however, you don’t want to get on the phone and call some company that will put you on hold for hours. Just the thought of that wait music is driving you insane! What are you supposed to do?