Infected Computer

Signs You Might Have an Infected Computer

Have you been wondering if it is time to get your computer in for once-over? Do you think you have an infected computer? If you are experiencing any of the below issues, you might want to consider getting that bad boy a checkup. Software crashes or malfunctions Hardware glitches Loud fans Boot failures Performance issues Slowdowns Pop-ups Running out of hard drive space New browser homepage, toolbars, unwanted website access Unusual messages Programs that start automatically Antivirus suddenly disabled Your friends/family/coworkers are getting strange emails from you Peculiar desktop icons …

discover card scam email

It’s Always the Season for Email Scams

‘Tis the season for a lot of things, but email scams? They always seem to be in style! A bunch of people in our office received this gem yesterday. At first glance, it looks legit! They’ve got the Discover Card logo and styling down. Links, apps, and that button for Account Details are also looking very valid, but when you take a second glance, there are some things very wrong with this email. “From” email Who is Sarah Wratten? Does she like to disco? Kidding! But you can see pretty …

Trend Micro Scam

Trend Micro Imposters!

Last week we received a call from one of our customers. They said someone claiming to be from Trend Micro contacted and stated Trend Micro was out of date.  The caller named Akeem gave our customer the phone number 817-386-4921. Some of our clients do have Trend Micro installed on their computer as their antivirus, and this was one of the customers. However, the software on their computer was already current and up-to-date. First of all, Trend Micro (or any of our vendors) would never call our customers directly. If …

Mesa Land Trust

Mesa Land Trust – Lands for Tomorrow

Mesa Land Trust began with a small group of farmers in 1980 who wanted to protect the farmland in Palisade from being quickly built out during the growing oil shale boom. The team wasn’t sure how to shield fruit producing land from development, but they wanted to try at least. Three of the founders completed the conservation process in 1982 and very slowly grew the amount of land under conservation to 64,000 acres, present day. Of those acres, 800 are fruit producing parcels located in Palisade, with the hopes of …


Ways Your Employees Compromise Data Security

Last week’s blog included tips on how to be proactive in your network security. One of those ways was to train your personnel. This week we will discuss why it is so important to have a trained staff. Here are five ways employees can compromise your data security. Inside Job Thinking this is an inside job is the worst one to bring up, but we will just go ahead and get it right out of the way. Yes, sometimes your employees can be so mad about something that they will …


Cerber Malware – The Latest and Greatest…Just Not for You

Cyber criminals are at it again, and their latest and greatest favorite malware strain is called Cerber. Just like it’s Greek mythology namesake, Cerberus (Hound of Hades), it packs a punch and keeps your head spinning. Last week, four of our customers were held ransom by Cerber. We immediately started double checking and shutting down any remaining RDP (remote desktop protocol) ports that were still open, and are working diligently to beef up security measures to protect against this strain of ransomware. You might wonder why the sudden outbreak in …

computer spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning for Your Computer

I’m not sure if anyone still goes through the “spring cleaning” process at homes, but we’ve got some tips for office spring cleaning to maintain your technology to keep it at top speeds and ensure it is the most reliable. Defrag Make sure all those little Tetris blocks are in the correct spot so your computer can find things faster and run more smoothly. Find the steps to defrag your computer here. Firewall Love Make sure it is turned on. Why? It’s a barrier between your computer network and the …

extreme temperatures

Do Extreme Temperatures Affect My Computer?

Extreme weather CAN affect your computer. Living on the Western Slope of Colorado, we are used to swings in weather and climate. When the temperatures outside are extremely hot, it can shorten the lifespan of hardware inside your computer. This can lead to damage that cannot be undone, and also might lead to data loss. Extreme heat will also significantly shorten the lifespan of your computer’s lifespan by chipping away at the motherboard, CPU, and other vital “organs” of your computer

windows xp support ended

How to Increase Security on Your XP Machine After End of Support

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP. As a result, routine security patches will not be released and this means XP machines will have more security vulnerabilities. If you plan to remain on Windows XP after support ends on April 8, here are some tips to keep your system more secure.