Best IT Practices for Employees to Avoid Cyber Security Threats

We all have heard about cyber security concerns and hackers breaching networks and compromising data from millions of people, but you also might be thinking that it only happens to big firms. In fact, 71% of data breaches happen to companies with less than 100 employees. Data breaches happen to businesses of all sizes – but we usually only hear about the large ones. Small businesses are much easier targets for hackers, and they often keep a lot of personally identifiable information in one place. This makes it easy for …


Countermeasures for Ransomware – like WannaCry

You may have seen the news this weekend. Criminal hackers have released a new strain of ransomware that spreads itself automatically across all workstations in a network, causing a global epidemic. If you or a co-worker are not paying attention and accidentally open one of these phishing email attachments, you might infect not only your workstation but immediately everyone else’s computer too. As more information comes in regarding this strain of ransomware (also called WannaCry, WannaCrypt0r, WannaCrypt, or WanaDecrypt0r), we know that it is infecting computers based on someone in …

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Your Data is More Valuable Than You Think

Big company or small business, your data is valuable to not only you but hackers too. Don’t ever think that your firm is “too small” to be the victim of an attack. According to a recent NY times article, sixty percent of all online attacks in 2014 targeted small and midsize businesses. That number has only been growing over the past few years. With the increase in popularity of ransomware and phishing scams, individuals and businesses at every level are more prone to be targeted. It is easy money for …

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Ransomware – The New Business Security Threat

Let’s be honest. We all know someone at work (*cough* ourselves *cough*) who doesn’t always practice what the IT person preaches when it comes to security. All of those methods your IT person harps about are especially important to start adhering to with the new Ransomware schemes that are out there.

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The 3 Important Elements of Data Backups

Because of all the threats to data, it is imperative to backup your data. Here are the 3 important elements to any data backup plan.