Eliminate Unauthorized Web-Surfing Once and For All

Employees, whether they mean to or not, get viruses from websites they visit while at work. Sometimes that malware can be on sites that they regularly visit, and sometimes those bad things are on a website they mistakenly visit. What can you do about it though? This is where Networks Unlimited’s Filter-IT service comes in handy! Filter-IT is a web content filtering service. It allows you to restrict the websites that your employees can access from work computers. It can be entirely managed and monitored by our staff, or someone …

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The Trust X Alliance

As some of our Facebook followers might have seen, NU staffers attended the Heartland Chapter meeting for Ingrams’s Trust X Alliance. It was a two-day event hosted in Denver that allowed us to trade best practices with other members in our chapter. These meetings happen twice a year in different locations, with the FULL Trust X Alliance meetings happening in other parts of the country twice a year, as well.

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Networks Unlimited Identified as Top Cloud Services Provider

Networks Unlimited ranks among the world’s Top 100 cloud services providers (CSPs), according to Penton’s sixth-annual Talkin’ Cloud 100 report.

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Western Slope Auto: World Class Quality Since 1912

The name might have changed a few times over the years, but Western Slope Auto has been family owned since 1912. Mike Ferris acquired the dealership in the late seventies when it was located on first and main street in Grand Junction and he has been building the business ever since.

windows xp support ended

How to Increase Security on Your XP Machine After End of Support

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP. As a result, routine security patches will not be released and this means XP machines will have more security vulnerabilities. If you plan to remain on Windows XP after support ends on April 8, here are some tips to keep your system more secure.

broncos superbowl

IT: Helping the Broncos Get to The Super Bowl – Plus Game Day Tech

In September’s opening game, and in each game during the regular season, Manning had to use his knowledge of the game and limited information on each team they faced. But this time, he’ll have months of data—from both the Broncos and the Seahawks—to help him plan.