benefits of VOIP Phones

The Benefits of VoIP

VOIP is a way for businesses to save money and enhance their communication. Read more about the benefits of VOIP.

causes of data loss

3 Proven Methods to Prevent Costly Data Loss

Odds are, your business has or will experience data loss at some point. Whether it’s an accidentally deleted file or a complete storage failure on your server, the ramifications can be devastating.

Texting Accepted as O.K. Business Communication

This shows just how texting has made its way into business communication. Surprisingly, texters report that 3% have resigned from a job through a text message!

IT Quick Tip: Exploding Computers!

Ok- your computer probably won’t explode, but it is easy to forget that computers are no more than machines. Like any machine, computers need maintenance.

“Unlimited” proves too good to be true for Mozy customers

Speaking of “it was just a matter of time,” the online-backup company, Mozy is no longer offering an “Unlimited Backup” service plan. This comes with little shock to industry insiders and competitors.

New Anti-X Service

Like all things, it was just a matter of time- Anti-X software as a service. Networks Unlimited has partnered with Trend Micro to provide Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware protection for Microsoft Windows Servers and Workstations as an IT Service.

Making the transition to Windows 7

Well, it’s time again to consider life without Microsoft Windows XP. Of course we’ve all been through this once before with the release of Windows Vista, but this time it is for real. With the warm reception of Windows 7 and it’s compatibility mode for older applications, Windows XP is quickly falling out of favor and support.

Flood, Fire or Theft

Recently I drove into work, there were a line of firetrucks, which i didn’t think anything of since we tend to have frequent false alarms, so much that none of us leave the building when the alarm goes off. But this time was different! I went to park behind the building and there must have been a dozen fire fighters, a couple with a sledge hammer making what looked like swiss cheese out of the side of our building, bricks tumbling and smoke billowing out of the wall.

Microsoft Support Ending Today

As you may or may not already know, Microsoft has ended support and updates for three of their older operating systems effective today, July 13th, 2010. These older operating systems include: Windows 2000 Server (all versions), Windows 2000 Professional (all versions) and Windows XP (all versions with Service Pack 2 or older.)

Microsoft discontinues support for Windows XP (RTM), Server 2000, & Professional 2000

Now is the time to update equipment, it is costly to try and rescue old machines with old software that is no longer supported.