Dedicated Project Manager

A Dedicated Project Manager Helps Make I.T. Simple!

We make I.T. simple! That is not only our tagline at Networks Unlimited but our goal as well. We want to make I.T. as painless as possible for every customer interaction. Why? We know that you have a lot going on to make your company succeed, and you don’t need to worry and stress over your technology. We’ve got you covered. To help push the idea and practice of simplicity, we have a dedicated project manager, Darrell Himler. His primary job is to make your life easier when you have …

outsourced it support

Outsource Your I.T. – What are the Benefits?

Why in the world would you need to outsource your I.T.? Outsourcing doesn’t always mean what you think it does. Here are a few scenarios we see all the time, where having an outsourced I.T. team can give your business the edge. Scenario 1: You’ve got a tech-minded person in the office who is doing a great job fixing things when they break, right? They might not have been hired for that position, but things are going fine. Why change something that isn’t broken? That person who happened to know …

Infected Computer

Signs You Might Have an Infected Computer

Have you been wondering if it is time to get your computer in for once-over? Do you think you have an infected computer? If you are experiencing any of the below issues, you might want to consider getting that bad boy a checkup. Software crashes or malfunctions Hardware glitches Loud fans Boot failures Performance issues Slowdowns Pop-ups Running out of hard drive space New browser homepage, toolbars, unwanted website access Unusual messages Programs that start automatically Antivirus suddenly disabled Your friends/family/coworkers are getting strange emails from you Peculiar desktop icons …


Joint Development Associates

Joint Development Associates (“JDA”) might not ring a bell for you, but the work they do overseas advances the lives of thousands of people. The non-profit organization’s creation happened in 1994 by Bob and Cathy Hedlund. It started out by drilling thousands of clean-water wells in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan and now has grown to improve community health and farming techniques for the northern population in Afghanistan. When the organization first started working in Afghanistan in 2001, Bob spoke with the elders to ask what they needed most.  The elders answered that …


Stay Ahead of Ransomware

Ransomware is a huge threat, and attacks are increasingly capable of bypassing traditional security measures. At the same time, payloads are getting more brutal, causing severe financial consequences and massive disruption to organizations’ productivity. But why are these attacks succeeding? How does a typical infection take place? And what security systems should be in place for the best possible defense? Read this paper to find out: How security holes and ransomware advances are driving attacks The most common ransomware delivery methods Critical security features that all organizations need Nine best …

network security lock

The Five Must Haves for Network Protection

The threat landscape is ever changing, and you need to make sure your network is keeping up with those changes. A secure system includes knowing where your data is, who can access it, and what types of devices are used. Business models have changed from what they used to be with the implementation of cloud computing, a mobile workforce, and bring-your-own-devices (BYOD). Hacking is no longer a distant concern. It is industrialized, and targets are more customized and sophisticated. These are the must-haves to keep your system secure. Protection across …

engineers superheros

Engineer = Superhero?

Our engineers are just like superheroes protecting your network from outside villains. They work in the background to make sure your IT system is running smoothly, and they fight those attackers when they try to strike. If you have your own IT staff you probably vaguely know what engineers do, but for those who don’t you might be wondering “what is a computer engineer?”. The short answer is they work on computers. The longer answer is that they develop, test, and evaluate software, circuits, personal computers and more. They are …


Networks Unlimited Can Assist Your Current IT Department

In this day in age, it is critical for some businesses to hire their own IT staff to take care of their technology needs. While this is an excellent idea to have someone internally that you can count on, you might also need to supplement their skills and beef up staff for specific projects. Networks Unlimited offers the supplementary services you need when you’ve got to ramp up quickly, or you have a large project coming down the pipeline or just need a little extra help. Here are some of …

network security

Proactive Network Security

Why wait around for your network to become compromised? There are some simple methods you can start putting in place now to be proactive in this hacker day-of-age. 1. Get Support The buy in and measurements required to support a network-wide security measure is imperative. You need to get your manager’s/boss’s full support, so they understand the scale of what you want to do and the threat that is making you want to take those measures. The best way to garner support from those key executives is to show them …

trust x alliance logo

The Trust X Alliance

As some of our Facebook followers might have seen, NU staffers attended the Heartland Chapter meeting for Ingrams’s Trust X Alliance. It was a two-day event hosted in Denver that allowed us to trade best practices with other members in our chapter. These meetings happen twice a year in different locations, with the FULL Trust X Alliance meetings happening in other parts of the country twice a year, as well.