FBI Virus

THE FBI VIRUS: What you need to know

fbi-virusThe FBI virus continues to grow and now has several variations. With each new strain of the virus, the crooks’ end goals are the same- to gain your financial information.

How did you get it?

Experts have found that the FBI virus is most commonly spread via email. However, other sources should not be ruled-out. Always practice safe browsing. Do not click on pop up ads and be cautious when using and downloading free games and apps.

Emails that contain the virus can appear legitimate and can be sent by someone in your contact list. Once infected, a computer becomes controlled by the virus and can propagate emails using your email address. Therefore, a contact does not intentionally infect others’ computers, but the virus sends out emails that appear to be from a trusted source.

How do you know if you have the FBI virus?

Your computer will completely lock-up. The virus has the ability to take a picture of you with through a web cam (if you have one) and display your photo along with a phony FBI notice that you have engaged in criminal activity. The most common message says that you have viewed child pornography and must pay $450 in fines to the FBI.

What to do:

DO not pay. Paying will not remove the virus; paying will just fund the criminals further. Turn off your computer and disconnect from the internet. Disconnecting will take your computer out of the virus’ control. The FBI virus needs to be removed by a professional (such as Networks Unlimited) Contrary to some online articles, restarting your computer, running it in safe mode, and running malware bytes or other anti-virus will not remove the virus.

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