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The Trust X Alliance

trust x alliance logoAs some of our Facebook followers might have seen, NU staffers attended the Heartland Chapter meeting for Ingrams’s Trust X Alliance. It was a two-day event hosted in Denver that allowed us to trade best practices with other members of our chapter. These meetings happen twice a year in different locations. The FULL Trust X Alliance meetings going on in other parts of the country twice a year, as well.

Networks Unlimited is a proud member of the Trust X Alliance. This is an exclusive group within the Ingram Micro community. By being an invite-only membership, companies must meet the highest level of business and technology criteria. The Trust X Alliance offers us advantages in the form of access to technical resources, technology best practices, global reach and networking opportunities that help us provide the best solutions for your business.

What does this specifically mean for our customers? It means with the access to hundreds of vendors, and NU can offer special prices, packages, and value that other non-members can’t. We have access to the best minds in the IT industry and can stay ahead of trends and also stay ahead of viruses and other problems coming down the line. This allows us to offer you and your business the best solutions for your needs. We love having the ability to pick up the phone and call one of our members to see if they’ve had specific problems and how they solved them. It also gives us the chance to see what they offer their customers regarding new packages, services, etc. and if implementing those same ideas in our community could help our clients.

Bottom line, this organization helps us, help you. Just think of it as an added perk to being in the NU team.

About Trust X Alliance: Trust X Alliance is Ingram Micro’s premier community for top-performing solution providers throughout the globe. Members benefit from long-term sustainable growth in the SMB, midsize and enterprise markets via valuable networking opportunities, access to technical resources and technology best practices, member-driven programs and a global reach that only this community can provide. Trust X Alliance helps solution providers grow their businesses through exclusive offers, services, and relationships with the main vendor and reseller contacts that aren’t found anywhere else in our industry. Trust X Alliance members can also present a stronger value proposition to their end-user prospects through the Trust X Alliance website. Here, candidates will learn about the particular membership vetting process; the vast community reach, both geographically and in solutions; the collective experience that members bring to end-user engagements; and the exceptional range of member expertise in their local communities.