Trend Micro Scam

Trend Micro Imposters!

Trend Micro ScamLast week we received a call from one of our customers. They said someone claiming to be from Trend Micro contacted and stated Trend Micro was out of date.  The caller named Akeem gave our customer the phone number 817-386-4921. Some of our clients do have Trend Micro installed on their computer as their antivirus, and this was one of the customers. However, the software on their computer was already current and up-to-date.

First of all, Trend Micro (or any of our vendors) would never call our customers directly. If something were actually incorrect, they would contact Networks Unlimited to fix it or problem solve a situation. The second strange thing happened when doing some quick research. The phone number Akeem gave is associated with gentlemen named William Smith Jr.

Thank goodness our customer was suspicious enough that they didn’t give any information out to Akeem! If you have any questions about someone strange calling or emailing you, please contact our office immediately before giving out any information or opening/clicking on any links.

To learn more about Trend Micro scams, visit their website that lists the frequently asked questions regarding these schemes.

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