Virus Protection & Security

Keep Your Data Secure!

It used to be that a locked door was all that was required to secure your business, but those days have passed.  Modern thieves work digitally — through viruses, spyware, malware, adware, etc. — to extract information without ever setting foot in your place of business. Networks Unlimited supports a multi-layer, multi-point of entry approach to protecting our customers’ data.  This approach provides multiple layers of both hardware (network and web access) and software (anti-virus and anti-spyware) protection which are constantly updated.

Firewall & Network Security Plans Start as Low as $1.66 a Day!

Our Virus Protection & Firewall Plans Are:

  • Effective – Our multi-layer security provides the highest chance of interception.
  • Affordable – Each layer is selected both for functionality & overall value.
  • Constantly Evolving – Our layers are constantly evaluated for effectiveness & upgraded or changed when better technology becomes available.

Download our PDF on our antivirus solutions for more information. 


Download our PDF on Firewall Solutions for more information