The 3 Most Common Computer Problems (and how to fix them)

These helpful hints can solve a lot of the computer problems, and make you avoid going all “office space” on your technology. But before we get into the list, have you tried restarting your computer? NO. It isn’t a joke. It legitimately works to fix a problem you might be encountering. It is a simple step, and it’s easy to do.

Another thing to generally look at is updating your operating system. This simple fix can solve issues of software being on speaking terms again. In Windows 10, click on your start menu < click settings at the top < Update & Security settings < Windows Update < check for update < install updates available.

  1. Slow Computer

Verify it is your computer first. If web pages and videos are taking a long time to load, this is probably due to a slow internet connection, not your computer. Check out to test your connection. You should be running at about 50% of the advertised speed of your internet service provider (“ISP”), and ping under 100 milliseconds. Calling your ISP when speeds are slow can give you answers if they are having issues in your area and when they expect to be back to normal.

 If it’s your computer, check to make sure you have plenty of free space to run all the programs and operating system. You can go to your computer folder and look. If one is in the red, it’s time to clear some space! Put those pictures on an online google drive, or some other cloud-based storage system. Delete those old files and empty your trash bin.



  1. Pop-Ups Appearing on My Desktop

If you’re getting pop-ups after you close your Internet browser, you most likely have adware installed on your computer. It is a type of malware that displays unwanted ads. Make sure you run a full scan with your antivirus software. If you aren’t running anything, Sophos offers a free home antivirus that is pretty robust. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has a 14-day free trial to remove malware.

  1. Printer Issues

Your printer has paper, ink, and the drivers are the most up-to-date they can be. So, why isn’t it printing?! Do the same system checks you do with your computer; turn it off and on, unplug it and plug it back in. Also, check the print queue and make sure nothing is stuck in there. Just double-click the printer icon in the bottom menu to open the queue. Check your printer settings and ensure the “use printer offline” isn’t checked. That can stall jobs.

If you’ve done these things to solve your computer problems and are back to that “office space” fantasy, don’t go for the baseball bat. Call Networks Unlimited instead. Our Remote Help Desk can troubleshoot problems quickly, and if on-site work is required, your call can be escalated to dispatch. Our Dispatcher can schedule the best person to visit your business and get your technology repaired.

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