3 Reasons You Should Use Secure-IT

firewall iconNetworks Unlimited believes the best way to ward against malware and cyber-attacks is to have a multi-layered security approach.

One of those items to keep your business data secure is the installation and use of a firewall. Your firewall is a barrier that only allows specific things into your network. These things are predetermined and configured specially for your business. Our Secure-IT service gives you all the best benefits of a firewall, but at a monthly expense that you can plan for to help your business succeed.

The three best benefits of Secure-IT are

  1. Hardware and software are included

You don’t have to pay extra for the hardware and software on Secure-IT. All of that is included in your low monthly cost. Also, if your equipment goes down for any reason, we cover the cost of replacement. It also means that as hardware upgrades happen, your business will receive upgraded devices included.

  1. Management, Monitoring, and Maintenance

Firewalls are very technical to set up and maintain. If you don’t currently have the staff with the knowledge, this can be tricky to do on your own. With Secure-IT, our team configures the equipment, makes sure it is working and maintains it for you. We’ve got you covered so your staff can focus on your business.

  1. Less Down Time

If something happens to your firewall when you manage it yourself, you must purchase new equipment, wait for it to show up, and then install it. It could be days before you are back up and running. That is not the case with Secure-IT. Networks Unlimited keeps spare hardware in stock. That means in as little as an hour; we can pull the part you need, configure it, and replace it with the minimal delay in your business day.

Our firewall service, Secure-IT, gives the security you need, at a monthly cost you can afford. Contact us today to learn more about firewalls, and the benefit your business receives with our firewall service.

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