4 Creative Ways to Easily Increase Customer Service

customer_serviceProviding excellent customer service is one of the core values of every service industry (or should be). The quality of service you provide to clients can enhance your image in the community or downgrade your customer loyalty.

Technology can be beneficial when upping the game towards fantastic customer service. Technology can help you anticipate customer needs, tailor your processes, and make your business more efficient. Here are a few areas where technology can help your business provide better customer service.

Communication – technology allows for more constant contact. You can use email, electronic newsletters, social media, and your website to convey messages that are important to your customers. Create a plan for how you want to use different methods of communication avenues for mixed messages. Maybe sales and specials will be sent to loyal customers only via e-newsletters, and new product information disseminated via your social media channels. Figure out where your customers like receiving their data and use what is available to you.

Empathy – with the availability of the different types of communication, it also means your interactions with customers happen more often. Encourage your employees to go the extra mile on the phone, via email, or a live chat on the website. These different areas of touches allow for a more empathetic response within each opportunity. The more times customers get a fantastic response from all the different methods, the more they will think of your company as the one who cares.

Availability – Most people are on the go all day. If your business can be available for those late-night calls, you’re going to be ahead of the game! Availability can include email, text messages, social media, and a 24-hour customer service center. Use whatever means you’re most comfortable with to be there when your customers need you.

Customization – Keep excellent notes! There are lots of software options that will help you manage your customer relationships, which include keeping track of those small details (anniversaries, children’s names, dream cars, etc.) and being able to review them before meetings and other interactions. You can also use these details to send something out for those milestone events. Your customers will know that you care about them, and not just their checkbook.

Technology can create advantages within your organization. Why not start to think about what it can do outside your organization as well. Start taking advantage of the ways technology can improve your customer service interactions today!

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