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Active Directory: What it is and Why you Should Want it

light bulb active directory

Even if you don’t know what Active Directory (“AD”) is, you’ve probably seen it in action at some point in your career. You’ve also, perhaps wondered how specific tasks occur. There are many benefits to implanting Active Directory in your office, even if you don’t think you are big enough to utilize it.

Company Security Policy Management

Precisely, with Active Directory, employees must adhere to password security protocols. These include the complexity, length, and how often they must update their password within the system. By setting this at a system-wide level, you can be sure that it is happening, not just being an overlooked policy.

Ease of Computer Use

Ever wondered how users can log in to any computer at an organization? Active Directory. When all the users are loaded, they have access to the network. Meaning, they can log into the conference room computer and find all their information without having to use USB drives to transport data. All the data is stored in one location and allows all devices registered to the network access to the files, based on the permission level you set.

Security Controls

If you’re tired of manually setting up files that some people have access to and others don’t, “AD” is the solution for you! It allows you to stick people in groups and then apply the security access to the entire team, rather than just a single person at a time.


When configured correctly, users only have access to data that is pertinent to them. What this means is your company files are more protected. People without access can’t accidentally delete data they shouldn’t. If a virus gets into a network, that virus (typically) won’t be able to infect a file that it can’t access.

Ease of Program Installs

Instead of installing antivirus one-by-one on each computer, you can send that installation out via Active Directory. “AD” will keep your equipment protected without having to remember which machines got what programs.

Your Directory Transfers

Smart all-in-one printers are great, except when you have to set them up. Active Directory speaks to the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) allowing your user’s email addresses to be synced with your new printer so users can quickly scan to themselves.

Excited to start the process to move to Active Directory? Of course, you are! Be sure that it is installed correctly. If not done correctly, your system could be more vulnerable to attacks and become a cluttered mess that doesn’t make sense. You might also lose files or not be able to access everything you need to. If you want to look at Active Directory, give us a call or email (970) 243-3311 / We’ve implemented it across hundreds of businesses and can help yours too!

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