how will artificial intelligence affect your business this year?

How will AI Affect Your Business This Year?

Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is making its way into every aspect of our lives, and you might not even realize it.

how will artificial intelligence affect your business this year?

So, how will AI affect your business this year?

  1. Facial, Image, and Object Recognition – some of these items you might already use, like facial recognition on your iPhone or image recognition in a google search. Healthcare and law enforcement will probably see new applications arise that help them identify perps or subtle changes in a patient’s health.
  2. Predict Customer Behavior – with the mining and storage of more and more people’s data, businesses will start to utilize that data to determine if a customer is willing to purchase a product.
  3. 24/7 Customer Service – most of the websites we visit have chatbots that ask what we’re looking for. AI customer service will only increase with AI learning more about human responses and businesses making the change to utilize AI for 24/7 customer service interactions.
  4. IoT Technology – IoT technology will be further developed for home and business use making it more common in everyday use.
  5. Personalization – AI will be able to make connections between events and how people react to them, enabling marketers to recommend a personalized reaction or content at the correct time.

AI can take many forms in the future of your office functions – use it wisely to free your time, and provide a better customer service to your customers.

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