Allow Me to Quickly Introduce Myself!

ImageHello! My name is Lauren and I am the newest addition to the Networks Unlimited family. After tremendous growth, Networks Unlimited created a marketing position, and I was lucky enough to fit the job description! Within the weeks prior to starting the job, I was excited to start my new role. After my first week, I can honestly say I am even more eager and thrilled to be a part of the Networks Team. Immediately, I saw how dedicated everyone was to their customers and the pride that each person takes in their job. When a client comes to pick up a repaired computer, the technician who fixed it often greets the client and knows them by name. This type of service is becoming a rarity- furthering my excitement with this company as I jump on board.

Here in the next few weeks we will be rolling out some fun and useful content for you. If you have requests on how to fix a gadget, or want to see what crazy things happen behind the scenes, send me an email at

Also keep a lookout for give-aways, contests and more! We are going to have some fun!


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